Welcome to the Network Special Offers!

The following WPN Practitioners participate in #WPN10 and offer introductory specials to new clients, as listed:


Michela Bertolo: michelabb@live.de
10 extra minutes toward initial session and birthday month for Lomi Lomi Massage

Susan Creighton:  www.subundance.com
10% discount on public MELT Method Workshops (code WPN10 at checkout) or 10% discount toward first Private Session


Sue Detwiller:  www.boldybeingme.com
30 day free trial for Explorer's Studio with discount code BOLDEXPLORER


Miguele de Quadros: www.mdequadros.com
10% discount toward private class card.


Kristen Jawad: www.kristenjawad.com
$20 off Intro and 10% discount toward ongoing Massage


Jasmine Kammerer: www.yellowarrowcounseling.com
Free session with TRIM-LIFE program purchase & free 5th therapy session (with package of 4)


Debbie Lacy: www.debbielacy.com
10% discount on online Life Coaching Courses


Diane Lasichak: www.aactnow.biz
10% discount plus 10 extra minutes off introductory Active Aging and Care Transitions session.


Lacey Maloney: www.laceymaloney.com
10% discount on Health Coaching Services


Ed Mills: www.movebeyondlimits.com
10% discount on all Feldenkrais Services


Marsha Moore: upwardspirallife@gmail.com
10% discount on Leadership Coaching Session


Alin Pasca: www.alin.usana.com
10-20% discount on nutritional supplementation


Margaret Piela: www.margaretpiela.com
10% off up to 10 Counseling Sessions (Non-insurance. With insurance, comparable value of copay)


Kristina Shirley: www.truewellnesshypno.com
10% discount on first Hypnotherapy Session


Tammy Smith: www.tammywilsonsmith.com
10 extra minutes for introductory Healthy Transformations session


Tammy Steele: www.fullypresentliving.com
10% off any introductory service or Custom Coaching Program (Reiki, Energy Work, Ayurvedic Lifestyles)


Karen Trubner-Kent: www.designahealthylife.com
10% discount on environmental & digestive health session


Bethany Williamson: www.squarepegsroundworld.com
1-Month trial Aromatherapy membership @ $5.95 (use coupon code "trial")