Cedar Sanctuary is a Seattle Eastside oasis featuring wellness classes and mini-retreats to rejuvenate body, soul, and spirit. It is also home base for the Wellness Professionals Network.

You can choose from a variety of preset programs below or custom design an afternoon of indulgences for your special occasion or gathering with friends. Pick one or more modalities from below, and you can then enjoy a cuppa, sit by a fire (inside/out), find a reading spot in the woods or an inside nook, bask in an indoor infrared sauna with therapeutic lights, indulge your footsies in an aromatic foot bath, your whole body in a massage chair, or submerge yourself in the outdoors hot tub. All that, and no travel hassle. Aaaaaah…

Imagine your self-care day with nourishing self-care options:

The Jun 25 Facial Rejuvenation program was fantastic! Stay-tuned for our next event, or contact Joie Jacala at Zenjoy Wellness

Biomat Infrared Therapy Sessions



Leap Beyond the Drama Triangle to Freedom & Empowerment
Sunday, October 14, 1-3:30
Investment: $25 (or bring a friend for $20 each). Save-your-spot here or contact Laureli to get on list.

Join Coach Laureli Shimayo of ThriveTypes to learn tips, tricks, tools and tiny changes to move from our role as Victim, Villain, or Hero and instead choose from three empowering roles: Creator, Challenger and Coach.
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Cooking Demos
East Asian Medicine
Energy Alchemy & Healing
Foot Baths
Foundations of Spiritual Wellness

Goddess Programs
Infrared Sauna with Light Therapy
Intuitive Eye Reading

Massage Chair
Medical Constellations


MELT Method:

MELT Into Yoga: Saturday, 10/20 at 10am-12pm
Investment $60: Save-your-spot here
Discover how MELT can transform your yoga poses to experience greater ease and suppleness in your body and your practice. Using a specialized soft foam roller and specialized small balls for the hands and feet, MELT releases tension and stuck-stress as we rebalance the nervous system, rehydrate and lengthen fascia, decompress joints, and improve alignment. We’ll explore yoga poses before and after MELT to compare and feel the difference. Move and feel better while improving your body’s fun-factor.
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Neurosomatic Attunement
Outdoor Spa with Therapeutic Jets


Sound Bath Therapy:

Sound Bath Meditation: Sunday, October 28 at 7-8pm
Investment $40 (limited to 12 participants): Save-your-spot here
Join us for a transformative journey into sacred sound, as you are bathed in an acoustic symphony of Tibetan and crystal chakra singing bowls played by Gail Kronberg, Certified Sound Healer of Singing Bowl Soundsations.
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Mark your calendar for the following Sound Bath dates:
Sunday, 11/25 at 7-8pm: Save-your-spot/more info here
Friday, December 14 at 8-9pm: link coming soon!

Women’s Wellness

Breath Centered Yoga: weekly class Thursdays 10-11:15am (begins 10/18/18)
Investment $25. Advance registration required (limited to 7 participants). Email Sonia Weirich of One to One Yoga to save-your-spot or call/text 206-422-1317
This intimate yoga class is focused on breath, movement and meditation. You will be guided in and out of movement. Adaptations to poses will be offered to serve individual needs and abilities. Classes will end with a guided meditation. This class is designed for all levels and abilities and is limited to seven students.
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Sonia Weirich is also available for private Restorative Yoga sessions at Cedar Sanctuary. The fee is $80ph, and you can schedule directly with Sonia via email or call/text 206-422-1317.

"Thank you for such a wonderful time . I learn so much and had fun doing it. I can’t wait for the next class.” “What a wonderful experience it was indeed...I felt so safe to be vulnarable, and connection and belonging are two feelings I felt.

"Thanks a lot Laureli for all the amazing info you shared with us and Thanks Susan for opening your incredible Sanctuary to us.” 

“Thank you Laureli for hosting a fabulous workshop -- the universe brought us all together at just the right time.  Susan -- thank you for holding space in your very beautiful and calming ‘Sanctuary.' It is truly magical and I look forward to attending future workshops and events there.”

"This is a lovely, meditative, and relaxing treat to give yourself. The sound of the singing bowls truly enters your being and you can feel the atoms join! I recommend it to everyone seeking deeper paths to inner peace and relaxation.”

“I really enjoyed Gail's Singing Bowls Soundsation event at Cedar Sanctuary last Sunday.  It was beautiful, relaxing and healing.”

Did I mention we will also host Art-ins featuring local artists and musicians? How cool is that?

> Contact Susan Creighton to schedule your wellness event or party with friends:
susan333@live.com / 425.298.6428

Stay-tuned for more info/pics!

Cedar Sanctuary
21407 NE 6th Place, Sammamish, WA 98074
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