Community Matters

A supportive community is vital to a healthy society, and community wellness is equally important to individual wellness.

Community Matters programs are an opportunity for people of all cultures, races, faiths, and gender identities to connect and converse about wellness and everything that entails; personal wellness, family wellness, and wellness in the world. How do we foster a vision of a wellness community that cares for all, with an understanding of our deep and profound connection to each other? Our intention is to create forums for real-talk, in-person conversations in a space that is safe and respectful.

Together, we can make the difference within ourselves that we wish to see in the world, by taking responsibility and showing up, one conversation at a time. It is through direct, willing engagement we can be the change we wish to see toward building a nation of neighbors.

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SoulCollage for Community Wellness
Let’s foster community wellness with a fun and meaningful art activity!
Wednesday, July 26 2-3:30pm at the Redmond Library
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(Please bring a pair of scissors, a glue stick, and any magazines you’d like to use/share. Materials donation of $5 covers your matte board and handouts.

Join us for a friendly, creative summer afternoon. Meet new people and learn an art form you’ll be able to easily do on your own whenever you feel the urge to create.

We’ll gather together to identify internal resources to build the kind of community we want to live in. You’ll then leave with a visual representation and reminder of your gifts – gifts you can consciously draw upon to strengthen community and your connections with others. Making SoulCollage® cards is a creative and intuitive practice. Using found images from magazines and an easy cut and paste process, you’ll create a unique collage card that supports your goals and desires. No prior experience necessary.
(Note: We won’t be teaching the pure SoulCollage method originally created by Seena B. Frost, but we’ll use SoulCollage techniques.To learn more about Seena’s method and to view a sampling of SoulCollage images, visit


Debbie Lacy is a certified life coach, community facilitator, and Director of the Eastside Refugee and Immigrant Coalition. Debbie learned about SoulCollage from Noelle Remington, a certified SoulCollage facilitator, and has been incorporating SoulCollage techniques in her workshops for 15 years.

Susan Creighton is the Chief Inspiration Officer for our event sponsor, the Wellness Professionals Network. WPN practitioners provides a network of support services from a wide range of wellness modalities. Members focus on creating, restoring and maintaining wellness through professional services and tools, cross-referrals to complementary practitioners, and public programs for education, outreach, and community connection.

Let's Connect!

Community Matters: Medicine for Hate: Who could benefit from Non Violent Communication tools and enhanced connections? We spend so much of our time developing and learning compassion and care. When we are impacted by disconnection from others, and the active expression of hate, we are often at a loss for how to show up.

Drawing on Gandhi, MLKing and Mandela's teachings of nonviolence, we'll explore what hate is about and how it shows up in ourselves and others- so that we can shift from powerlessness to empowered engagement.

Hosted by the Wellness Professionals Network and facilitated by Pam Orbach of EC Restorative Justice and Nonviolent Communication NVC Practices

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We Heal Not in Isolation
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Medicine for Hate