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Susan Creighton
, Chief Inspiration Officer
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Seattle area Wellness Professionals are invited to inquire about WPN membership here. We are not a networking group; rather we create a network of support services to support individual and community wellness. We demonstrate this through collaboration-in-action: community outreach and education, cross-referrals, joint programs, and more. WPN rocks!

WPN offers opportunities for individual and community wellness and connection, sharing information, and fun, including:

  • Individual Private or Semi-Private Sessions
  • Corporate Lunch & Learns: Custom-tailored to your needs
  • Wellness Parties: Let's get it started!
  • Spa/Wellness Day: aaahh...
  • Interdisciplinary Focused Events (2 or more practitioners)
  • Group Private Events
  • Public Events. Our events are opportunities for community connection, sharing information, and fun, and we welcome people of all cultures, races, faiths, and gender identities to connect, learn about, and support individual and community wellness:

WellnessConnect Meetups are scheduled regularly and include informal social time plus brief presentations from local wellness experts. These events are a great way to learn about a variety of holistic modalities while enjoying an awesome and diverse group of supportive people.me together to share stories, perspectives, and needs around wellness and collectively look for ways to connect, bridge experience, knowledge, skills, and support each other in wholeness.

Workshops/Sampler Events: WPN Workshops and Sampler Events feature local health and wellness experts who collaborate to bring you informative and fun programs.

Wellness Professionals Network Meetings: WPN member practitioners meet regularly on Seattle’s Eastside, and attendance is optional. We welcome health and wellness practitioners to inquire about membership and attend a first meeting as our guest. Send inquiries to WellnessProfessionalsNetwork@outlook.com (include your business modality, location, and website address).

WPN events are opportunities for community connection, sharing information, and fun. Through personal wellness, taking responsibility, engagement, and action, we can make the difference within ourselves that we wish to see in the world. Connected, we rise. (Join our Meetup Group here.)

Check us out on Facebook for wellness tips, community support, and inspiration. Let’s connect!