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Susan Creighton

Susan Creighton

My business is Movement Medicine and I’m passionate about empowering people to simply move, perform, and feel better. In addition to being the Chief Inspiration Officer for the Wellness Professionals Network, I share MELT Method and Move&Groove Dance Programs.

MELT: Learn easy self-care techniques using a soft foam roller and small balls for the hands and feet to reduce tension and stuck-stress, decompress joints, and improve overall alignment and movement. Whether you’re a dancer, an athlete, or someone simply looking to move with greater ease, MELT is complimentary to any wellness program, and a proactive approach to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Bonus: MELT feels great!

Move&Groove Dance Benefits: I organize and host all-ages freestyle dance benefits to support local non-profit organizations. Support a great cause while having a great time. Community wellness.

Wellness Professionals Network (WPN): As the founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of WPN, I get to participate in this awesome group of wellness professionals who collectively support individual and community wellness. WPN members create a network of services from a wide range of wellness modalites, linking you to the services that you need. We also host community wellness programs for education and social connecting.

Contact me or check my website for info about scheduling your private session, small group, or corporate wellness program.

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